Poured Concrete Walls and Footings

Concrete Foundation
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Why choose a poured wall? Poured concrete walls are much stronger than other types of foundations. This has been proven by engineering tests and technical data, poured walls are the best choice to resist the pressures of earth, wind and water. They are able to support vertical pressure loads much greater than traditional hollow core block foundations. With solid poured walls you also get the option to add vertical and horizontal steel re-bar reinforcement to your specifications. Dollar for dollar, you get a much better foundation with minimal problems for the builder and homeowner. In the event of a problem, poured walls are much easier, cheaper and more effective to repair than block walls. And best of all there is no thin mortar coating on the outside like a block wall that will eventually chip off the wall and have to be re-done, over and over- our walls are solid concrete!

The time to set the wall is the quickest of all foundation options, much faster than block walls.

And, poured concrete walls actually get stronger with age!

Poured walls need virtually no maintenance. The composition of solid concrete is resistant to rot, decay, rodents termites mold and other fungi’s. Nothing protects your home better than a solid poured foundation wall. They are even fire resistant, at least twice that as a block masonry wall.

Since they are solid concrete, there is a much less chance of experiencing a water or moisture problem. They are much less porous then block, and do not wick water/moisture like blocks. They are free of any problem causing joints, and hollow interiors that can collect water and/or moisture, or even crack, bow, and other issues.

Todays engineered foundation coatings provide even more protection. We offer many options, from spray-on membranes to protection, insulation boards. See our Services Division for more info.

Our concrete footings can be poured in many sizes, from standard to as large as you need. Steel re-bar reinforcement can be added to make them even stronger, and to complement our strong solid poured walls. This will give you the best possible foundation option with the least problems, and in many cases the cheapest option too!

Ask us how you can add options to make your foundation even stronger!