Foundation Coatings, Drain Systems

Maryland Concrete Foundations INC provides many options for foundation coating and drain requirements. This includes damp-proofing, water-proofing, protection boards, insulation/protection boards, and many types of drain systems. We help keep your basements dry- the way they should always be! .

Maryland Concrete Foundations can install the minimal code requirements per your County or much higher end protection per your custom specifications. The service division is experienced in using many different products to suit your specific needs. We are highly experienced in using the best, most premium products out on the market today; we stay up to date on the most technically advanced products available. These products ensure you have the driest, strongest foundation possible.

Maryland Concrete Foundations can add a new area-way exit to your foundation and make your basement more useful and easier to get in/out of!

And many, many other types of repairs and masonry work!

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